Sunday, April 14, 2013

My College life

My college life…

Some say that it was a beautiful experience…
But for me it was a complete life in itself….

1st year an innocent child
2nd year a learner and joyful life…
3rd year an implementer & a kind of busy 1
And finally sharing experience and living life to the fullest without any tension….

Here we came as strangers unaware of what will be the end
Experimented with different kind of people…
Tested different laws….
Pondered over silly things overlooked exams….

The days were blissful…
And evenings cheerful 
Always one thing on our mind
Masti, fun and only masti all the time….

Shakes at shekhar’s 
And sitting in the OBC ground
Those teasing one another with some1’s name
And happiness all around…..

Planning for trips and watching movies together…
If it was an all time flop
Beating up the one who made it possible….…

Fighting with one another without any reason….
All those slaps and punches only and only for fun…

Those stays at friend’s place 
Waking up whole night
Sharing out ur heart 
And then sleeping whole day….

Those b’day parties and b’day bumps…
Instead of eating, the whole cake was put on friends’ face….

All those hands in one Tiffin 
And fighting over a sip of cold drink or a chocolate….
Life was such a big adventure…
Friend’s company was such a good joint venture… 

One day before exam or sessional
Roaming around was a compulsion
Teasing all tohe who studied sincerely
Enjoyed those moments without any tension…..
An hour before exam
Every1’s condition used to be very tight
But at that time teaching one another or planning for cheating
So that everybody could pass…..

Tension of one could be reflected on everyone’s face….
And all those friends gave courage to give every damn a really good face…
Those warm hugs and patting each other’s back…
At that time nothing cud make us fell weak or like a looser….

In 4 years , we had found a new family
Where love, care and sometime emotional drama made a good melody….
In this journey we transformed into something that any1 cant believe….
The path travelled now seems more beautiful than the destiny…..

Missing all my friends….

P.S.:-> written in 2010 after leaving college

Nidhi Bansal…

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