Sunday, October 7, 2012

I too had a Dream and My reflections

This is an amazing book. I can see Dairy evolving and India as a whole. The ability of Dr. Kurien to handle bureaucracy was wonderful. Being in my field work segment at Pareda Village in Udaipur District of Rajasthan, I am able to relate things better to the ground realities. It is unbelievable to my eyes how people are still leaving without electricity, proper sanitation and education and health facilities. There are no roads to connect to these people. Life beyond 10-15 kms from National Highways seems to be something 100- 200 years backward. But people are still happy and you can see laughing faces. There is humility and desire to do something better in them. Experiencing this, I could very well relate to this usurp from this book i.e., I too had a Dream:
 " There is nothing wrong in building flyovers in Delhi. What is not fair is when we do not also build an approach road to villages across the nation. There is nothing wrong in having fountains with coloured lights in the capital. After all, Delhi Should be beautiful. But it is unjustified when we have not provided drinking water to our villages. There is nothing wrong in having a modern private hospital in Bombay, or AIIMS in Delhi, or other large medical institutions in our big cities, but it is not justified when we have not arranged to have two drops of a medicine put into eyes of a farmer’s new born baby, and that baby goes blind. While this would have cost us nothing, we have preferred to spend crores of rupees in five star hospitals in cities. Why Does this happen?"

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