Sunday, June 20, 2010

PAPa... My Best friend....


  1. Star Dad

    I love you, Dad, and want you to know,
    I feel your love wherever I go.
    Whenever I've problems, you're there to assist,
    The ways you have helped me would make quite a list.

    Your wisdom and knowledge have shown me the way,
    And I'm thankful for you as I live day by day.
    I don't tell you enough how important you are,
    In my universe you're a bright shining star.

    By Karl Fuchs

  2. Happy Father's day to my papa cum ma best friend...
    Love u papa...
    I Miss u alot when away...

  3. If Everyone Had a Father Like You

    If everyone had a father
    Who was more like you,
    There'd be more laughing, joy and singing;
    Fewer people would be blue.

    There'd be much more understanding;
    Crime and hate could not prevail.
    We'd all be so contented,
    We wouldn't need a jail.

    If everyone had a father
    Who was more like you,
    The whole world would be blessed,
    Just as I am blessed with you.

    By Karl Fuchs

  4. Always There For Your Daughter

    Every day the whole year through,
    I feel grateful you are my father.
    Some fathers don't have time for their kids,
    But for you I'm never a bother.

    You always make the effort to listen and share;
    You're there whenever you're needed.
    Because I know how much you care,
    My problems are all defeated.

    Dad, you are truly admired and adored,
    And I hope you always know,
    Your daughter's affection for you is strong,
    And my love continues to grow.

    Happy Fathers Day!

    By Joanna Fuchs