Saturday, May 1, 2010

childhood memories


  1. My childhood days
    Passing by my village
    I got lost in those beautiful days…

    When waking up early was not my responsibility
    The tension of being late to school was not mine

    Going on a walk with mom
    Enjoying the birds chirping and canal singing a song

    Following grandma to the nearby temple
    Copying each and every of her rituals….

    Enjoyed being Don of the class
    Teasing others with my gang…

    In morning assembly i was the coordinator
    Ordering others to be in queue and myself roaming here and there…

    Finishing my homework in school itself
    So that could play carelessly to the max….

    Ludo and business were my indoor favourite
    Hide and seek, name game and stepo with neighbours….

    Till dusk we used to play and fight
    After quarrelling with some bully, the headache was of mom not mine….

    Now was the time when paa was back home….
    If it was a notorious day I wud hid in blanket….
    Else was again into mischief and enjoyed with him….

    Nidhi Bansal